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The group continues to actively work in the studio. And in 2010 he recorded the album “One Life”. It must be said here that when the group began rehearsals in 2004, it began with the songs from this album. These songs were familiar to all in one degree or another, nothing needed to be composed. Something immediately recorded, something not. In any case, the material has already been. “One Life” is, in principle, the first 7 Ocean album, this is the 1989 program. And the group decided to replay it and burn it to a CD.

Then, in the discography, but not in the work, the group comes a break. The next album “Diapause” was ready only in the summer of 2013. It was published by Russian label Mals in 2014.

For the album “Son of the Sun” the group “picked up” for a long time. After recording “Diapause” everyone wanted to continue in the same vein and immediately. But circumstances are always stronger …
Only at the end of 2014, the 7th ocean began work on the “Son of the Sun”. This program was first performed in 1990. And it consisted of only four compositions. She then lasted for almost 50 minutes, including Alexander Sofiks’s virtuoso ten-minute solo on drums. Fully conceptual album, a kind of mini-opera. The texts were written based on the work of Par Fabian Lagerkvist “Sibyllan”.
The musicians decided not to include such solos in the studio album. And, accordingly, it was necessary to finish the material. And for the album of 2016, the instrumental number “Ascension” was recorded by Oleg Grinevich. Otherwise, all the musical material (and, of course, text) remained almost unchanged. The musicians carefully approached the performance of all the old parts and tried to preserve and convey the spirit of the 1990 program as much as possible.
The whole group devoted 2015 to this album. “Son of the Sun” was released by the label “Mals” in March 2016.

In the same, in 2016, in the fall, the group slowly, due to various circumstances (including due to weather anomalies), began working on a new album, an album difficult and contradictory. Rehearsals, learning the parties took a long time, with quite large interruptions. But the recordings of the album went smoothly and in an unusually short time. Ultimately, the album The Last Level was very solid and powerful. He was ready in the summer of 2017. The label “Mals” assured the musicians that they would release the album in August. However, the album has not yet been officially released. Search for other labels musicians do not want, or do not see the point, or …

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