‘7 ocean’ band

The year of the founding of the Seventh Ocean band (7 OCEAN) can be considered the 1989, when they recorded their debut tape album «One Life». The album tells the story of a man who has the elixir of eternity and, therefore, lives a long life. This man survives in the heaviest situations. He survives when any other person would be lost. If the album was released musicians would write on its cover: «history in songs about the man who, thanks to an eternity elixir, many times has not died». But actually, certainly, an album is about other. It is possible to inform, that the band has written down the new version of this album in 2010 (see «“albums”»).

Formation 7 OCEAN is connected with Alexander Eletsky’s creativity – the keyboardist of band and the author practically all musical material and all texts. It is necessary to tell, that the original line up of band was formed not at once. Many Gomel musicians took part in band during the period 1988-89гг.: Alexander Ikonnikov, Vladimir Stoljarov, Vladimir Repevsky, Oleg Grinevich, Alexander Mashukov. But, finally, the «One life» album has been written down as a part of Alexander Eletsky (keys, vocals), Gennady Kalaurkin guitars, vocals), Igor Mihasev (drums, vocals) and Vitaly Gaponenko (bass, vocals).

The same line up has written down the second album – «Black holes» (1990). By A.Eletsky’s this time has perfectly worked well together from I.Mihasev, two of them and became inspirers and authors of “Black Holes». This album not from astronomy area, not about the objects which have resulted a gravitational collapse. This work is about “holes” in the soul of man. At first, there, somewhere inside, there is one small black hole. Then the second, the third. Then they form one big black hole. Others three – form another etc. It is disgusting process.

The third album – «Son of the Sun» (1990). It was recorded also only on tape. In this time I.Mihasev has temporarily left band, and was temporarily replaced by Alexander Sophiex, Alexander Eletsky’s old friend.

1989-90гг. – the fruitful period in the works of 7 OCEAN. The band, whose music initially and meaningly had no commercial orientation, ignored all stylistic restrictions, has taken a worthy place in the Gomel underground. In 1991 Igor Mihasev return to the band and musicians have gone further away in complication of the compositions and have started to work over the big new program – «Find the Echo». Unfortunately on July, 17th, 1994 I.Mihasev has tragically died. After his death other participants of band haven’t found in themselves force to finish an album, 7 OCEAN has stopped.