Oleg Grinevich

Oleg Grinevich was born on September 6, 1963 in the Russian Federation, in the town of Chusovoy (Perm Region). At an early age, Oleg’s parents moved to Belarus and
They gave him to the music school, which he graduated, in accordion class.
It was in the music school that he began to form a musical taste and
thinking. At school, he began to play the guitar in the school ensemble. Along the way, with the guitar, the accordion and the piano one more instrument was mastered, this is the bass guitar. After graduation, Oleg continues to play in various musical groups in Gomel. Then the army, but there were also musicians of like-minded people with whom more than one army concert was played.
After the army, Oleg temporarily ceases to study music and works in the field of electronic industry. After 2 years, he begins to realize that without music in any way, he begins to work in various restaurants in Gomel, as it was necessary to earn a living.
In 1987, Oleg accepts an offer from Alexander Eletsky, to participate in the group “7 OCEAN”. Collaboration with the band has continued for many years as a session guitarist.
Since 2010, Oleg is the main member of the band.