Alexander Eletsky

Alexander Eletsky was born in May 1962 in Gomel. After graduating from music school in piano class, he left all sorts of music lessons and, by his own admission, did not touch the instrument for a long time. The first more or less serious return to the “keys” happened when A.Eletsky was qualified as an economist at the Gomel State University. It was influenced by the influence of rock music, which he listened to everywhere and always. The young creative person tried to create an original composition at the faculty that would play the music of his own composition. An interesting quartet came out, which, however, came out only once at the concert “Come on, freshman!” It was irrelevant to perform your own songs at that time, the songs of Soviet composers were in “fashion”. The group broke up, everyone started studying economics and, incidentally, Alexander played the piano at the faculty’s band at university concerts and at the club of the Gomel bearing factory at the dance. Probably, for him it was not very interesting, but without music lessons he could not.
In 1986, after returning from the army, A. Eletsky joined the musical group, which played popular songs at dances, earned money at weddings, participated in reporting amateur performances. Alexander Sophiex worked with the drums in the group, with whom Eletsky quickly found a common language and laid the foundation for further relations. The group takes the name of “History” and begins to perform songs of his own composition at the dances, the vast majority, of course, Eletsky. Judging by the tape recordings of that time, these are simple things that were divided into fast and slow ones, but in some there was clearly some kind of “zest”. All this did not satisfy Eletsky: he was more inclined towards a more complex musical genre, namely, Art Rock. And he became the main founder of the SEVENTH OCEAN band.