‘7 ocean’ band (page 2)

In 2004 A.Eletsky, A.Sophiex, and the former admirer of band Sergey Starosotsky who successfully hid before in itself talent of the musician, have united efforts on revival 7 OCEAN. This new trio starts rehearsing and composing. In 2005 they have started record of a new album which has been finished later 3 years.

And in 2008, the Russian company Mals (Moscow) published the new album 7 Ocean, “Mysterious race of strange creatures”. This was the first official release of the band. The musicians put a lot of effort into recording this album. After a long break, I had to work a lot before I got an organic, well-built concept.

During the work on the album, A. Eletsky had a lot of musical material and creative ideas, some of which were used in the next 7 ocean project – “Return under the Sun” (2009). This explains the reason for the rather rapid writing and recording of this album. Good friends of Eletsky and members of the earliest members of the group – Vladimir Stoljarov (bass) and Oleg Grinevich (guitars) took part in the work on it.

Vladimir Stoljarov

Oleg Grinevich