Archive of News

24.10.2017Now you can listen full album “Last Level” here or on Soundcloud.
05.10.2017The official release of the album is postponed indefinitely.
01.09.2017The new album – Last Level (2017)
11.07.2017Mals label will release a new album. Album release is expected in August.
07.06.2017The album is ready.
27.03.2017In a new album will be seven compositions. Five of them are completely recorded. Work proceeds.
18.10.2016The band is working on a new album.
27.07.2016The heat does not allow to start recording a new album! 🙂
04.03.2016The Label Mals released album “Son of Sun”.
Now you can buy it.
18.01.2016Original words of songs from album “Son of Sun” are here
13.01.2016Son of Sun – New Album (2016)
24.12.2015New submission on the site: Oleg Grinevich solo album.
01.10.2015We recorded instrumental part of a new album. It is necessary to record a voice. Then mixing etc.
20.03.2015The work on the album goes more slowly than we would like. There are many various difficulties and obstacles.
24.11.2014We are working,
New album will!
10.03.2014Official release of our album has taken place!
The Label Mals released our album Diapause.
You can buy it now.
08.02.2014Label Mals announced the release of our album Diapause not later than April.
We are very glad.
27.01.2014This year to the ‘Seventh Ocean ‘ 25 years. Certainly, it is impossible to tell, that all this period was fruitful. There was an enormous pause ( Diapause 🙂 ) within long 10 years. We have left in 94th. But the love wins always. In this case – the love to music. And in 2004 we have gathered again and have started to create, and to play the best music of which only are capable. And so 10 years. So double anniversary turns out at us: 25 years – from an exit of the first tape album and 10 – from the moment of group revival. We accept congratulations.
09.07.2013Diapause album – Free download Now !
02.07.2013Now on our site it is possible to listen Diapause album.
10.06.2013The album is ready.
Whether there will be its official release?
We hope that will be.
26.03.2013The album is recorded completely. Now there is a mix. Specialists promise to make it quickly enough.
14.11.2012Now the band works over a material to a new album. Already there is its name – ‘ Diapause ‘.