7 OCEAN ‘The Mysterious Race of Strange Entities’ (2008)

The Mysterious Race of Strange Entities (2008)

1. The Visit: (9:50)
I. The Arrival of The First (Misanthrope)
II. The Entities, part 1
III. The Meeting
IV. The Arrival of The Second
V. The Entities, part 2

2. The Beginning: (7:29)
I. The Return
II. The Opening Address of The Second
III. The Opening Address of The First

9. Controversy Between The Second and the Misanthrope (10:48)

Total time: 79:29

Alexander Eletsky – keyboards, guitars, programming, voices.
Sergey Starosotsky – bass, percussion, voices.
Alexander Sophiex – drums, keyboards.

Words and music – Alexander Eletsky.
In “Conclusions” the additional musical is used Sophiex’s material.
Mixed and mastering – Sergey Kravchuk.
Photo and design – Alexander Vesnin.

Released by Mals in 2008